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Sustainability in architecture and urban design /

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內容簡介top Sustainability in Architecture and Urban Design 簡介 Sustainability in Architecture and Urban Design will help you understand the nature of the sustainability problem and show you how to implement your design for a sustainable future. Organized in six parts, the problem, the environment, the residential scale, the commercial scale, the urban scale, and energy sources, the book presents essential information in context, so that you get the full picture. Hundreds of drawings, sketches, charts, and diagrams illustrate points author Carl Bovill makes in his clear and direct style, which communicates the basics in a concise way.You'll learn:-About environmental economics-How sustainable architectural design relates to ecology-How fractal geometry can lead to a new understanding of the structure of the world around us-How to design energy efficient houses and commercial buildings-How to design and live in our cities to lower energy use per person-About LEED points at all scalesA glossary and reading lists encourage you to explore the topics further.

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