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內容簡介top Visual Communication for Landscape Architecture 簡介 Basics Landscape Architecture 03: Visual Communication for Landscape Architecture offers students and developing practitioners of landscape architecture a practical and inspirational guide to the use of visual communication in their design work. This book clearly illustrates how representational techniques (such as sketching, analytical drawing and 3D models) can best be used to solve a diverse range of design challenges. The book encourages students to question the most effective way to record, plan and communicate their designs through the use of representational technique projects. With over 200 images from a wide range of landscape architects and students, every technique is fully explored and explained to help the readers incorporate them into their own work. The structure of the book follows the narrative of a design sequence, from concept to execution, which helps embed representational techniques as an integral part of the creative design process. Numerous tips and exercises will help reinforce students?understanding of contemporary techniques and their sensitive application, encouraging experimentation and acquisition of the broad palette of representational techniques available to today landscape architects.

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