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The IEP checklist : your guide to creating meaningful and compliant IEPs /

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內容簡介top The Iep Checklist 簡介 SAVE 20% when you order this book during the month of September. Use Savings Code 3NEW0914.How can you design effective IEPs that improve student outcomes and meet legal requirements? This one-stop IEP guide has the answers your team needs to create great IEPs and put them into action. You'll start with a solid introduction to IEPs: their purpose, their major components, and the legal mandates they need to meet. Then you'll get a comprehensive framework for IEP development, featuring a unique, in-depth checklist that breaks the whole IEP process into small, manageable steps and walks you through each one. Packed with invaluable planning tips, vivid examples, and practice activities, this book is your whole school team's step-by-step guide to meaningful, legally compliant IEPs that help students reach their goals and meet state standards. IEP TEAM MEMBERS WILL LEARN TOassess a student's present level of performance effectively collaborate during an IEP meetinguse student-centered planning to foster empowerment and leadershipdevelop meaningful IEP goals that can be easily communicated and measuredwrite short-term objectives aligned with the student's IEP goalscollect and report data on student progress toward IEP goals and objectives use progress monitoring data to make instructional decisionsidentify accommodations that support a student's specific academic needssupport successful transitions from school to adulthood PRACTICAL MATERIALS: Activities and examples to guide and improve IEP development; reflection questions that deepen understanding; realistic dialogues that highlight key challenges and solutions; ready- to- use tools that help ensure meaningful, compliant IEPs.Includes ready-to-use IEP tools:IEP Rubricetailed checklist for evaluating completeness and quality of each IEP element IEP Inventory for verifying the presence of key IEP componentsParent Survey to gather information on parents' perception of the IEP process Teacher Survey for assessing current practices and determining training needsNot to be combined with any other discounts or offers. Consumer orders only, please. Be sure to reference Savings Code 3NEW0914. Offer is good through September 30, 2014.

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