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GRE physics practice questions.

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內容簡介top Sterling Test Prep Gre Physics Practice Questions 簡介 This book provides over 1,300 physics practice questions that test your knowledge of GRE Physics topics. The book contains 12 Diagnostic Tests to help you identify the topics you are not well prepared for. It also contain 12 sections of topical practice questions, so you can selectively work with the topic you want to study and master. In the second part of the book, you will find the answer keys and detailed step-by-step solutions to the problems in the diagnostic tests and topical practice questions.The explanations provide step-by-step solutions for quantitative questions and detailed explanations for conceptual questions. The explanations include the foundations and details of important science topics needed to answer related questions on the GRE Physics. By reading these explanations carefully and understanding how they apply to solving the question, you will learn important physical concepts and the relationships between them. This will prepare you for the GRE Physics test and you will significantly increase your score.

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