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The New Cambridge English Course, complete in four levels, provides teachers of adult and young adult learners with the most thorough and comprehensive modern course available, for beginner through to upper-intermediate level.Levels 1 and 2 have firmly established The New Cambridge English Course as the one course which provides the wide range of features needed for successful achievement and steady progress at the beginner and low-intermediate stages: - a multi-syllabus approach, systematically covering all aspects of language from grammar, notions and functions through to pronunciation, skills and vocabulary - effective development of fluency through controlled and freer activities, as well as thorough grounding in accuracy - wide range of topics, exercises and tasks, providing stimulus and variety for both teachers and learners - very clear organisation of teaching material, explicit aims for each lesson, high quality of page design, and detailed notes for teachers in the Teacher's Book (interleaved with the student's pages) - carefully-paced lessons, providing a minimum of 72 hours class work at each level - opportunities for self-study and learner choice in the Practice Books; frequent revision, informal testing in the Student's Books, with more formal testing in the additional Test Books for the teacher The New Cambridge English Course Level 3-Intermediate and Level 4-Upper-intermediate can be used by learners who have studied Levels 1 and 2, or as intermediate and upper-intermediate courses in their own right. The organisation and structure of the course has particular benefits at these levels, enabling learners to make clearly-marked progress through the " intermediate plateau", deepening their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary and at the same time developing their fluency and communication skills. The overall approach of the series ensures variety, personal involvement, stimulation and growth at this all-important level. Level 4 takes learners up to First Certificate standard, where they can take this or an equivalent exam with confidence, given suitable exam skills practice.

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