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Teaching for learning : 101 intentionally designed educational activities to put students on the path to success /

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內容簡介top Teaching for Learning 簡介 Few institutions adequately prepare doctoral students for teaching. Instead, future faculty are prepared for research, and most professors will have had no formal preparation or professional development for teaching. Those who do have familiarity with different methodologies frequently have questions about what works best in which situations and for which students. We may not be teaching students as well as we could in institutions of higher education and faculty preparation may be at issue.Despite a growing body of research on teaching approaches in higher education, faculty lack a comprehensive resource that highlights and synthesizes proven approaches. Teaching for Learning fills that gap. Each entry:describes an approach and lists its essential features and elementsdemonstrates how that approach has been used in higher education, including specific examples from different disciplinesreviews findings from the research literaturedescribes techniques to improve effectiveness. Teaching for Learning provides faculty with a resource grounded in the academic knowledge base, written in an easily accessible, engaging, and practical style.

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