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Second nature urban agriculture : designing productive cities /

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內容簡介top Second Nature Urban Agriculture 簡介 This book is the long awaited sequel to "Continuous Productive Urban Landscapes: Designing Urban Agriculture for Sustainable Cities". "Second Nature Urban Agriculture" updates and extends the authors' concept for introducing productive urban landscapes, including urban agriculture, into cities as essential elements of sustainable urban infrastructure. Since 2004, when the concept was first put into the public realm, it has had a profound effect on thinking about urban design and the nature of the contemporary city. Driven by the imperatives of climate change mitigation, changing economics, demographics, lifestyle expectations and resource supply, the spatial ideas embodied within the CPUL concept have entered the international urban design discourse. This new book reviews recent research and projects on the subject and presents concrete actions aimed at making urban agriculture happen. Referencing an international body of work, the book addresses issues associated with particular urban locations and their contexts while drawing out transferable lessons and knowledge. As pioneering thinkers in this area, the authors bring a unique overview to contemporary developments and have the experience to judge opportunities and challenges facing those who wish to create more equitable, resilient, desirable and beautiful cities. The book has three parts: the first develops and contextualises the CPUL City theory, the second formulates four CPUL City Actions, and the third presents a repository of contemporary design and subject theory underpinning the CPUL concept and case for urban agriculture. Chapters by international authorities extend and support particular themes and thoughts throughout the book.Prompted by demand from cities, practitioners, activists, designers and planners, "Second Nature Urban Agriculture" is aimed at all those with an interest in developing quality urban spaces for the sustainable city of tomorrow.

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