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Active living, cognitive functioning, and aging /

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Although many factors contribute to a healthy body and mind, an active lifestyle is considered to be one of the most important. Those who want to keep abreast of what is currently known about the effects of exercise and an active lifestyle on cognitive functioning in old age will benefit from this foundational text. Active Living, Cognitive Functioning, and Aging is the first volume in Human Kinetics’ Aging, Exercise, and Cognition, series. In this volume, internationally known experts present state-of-the-art findings related to exercise and cognitive functioning of older adults. The book’s review of research on pertinent issues in measurement and physiological mechanisms will update your knowledge while challenging your current thinking. Using a multidisciplinary approach, Active Living, Cognitive Functioning, and Aging keeps you on the cutting edge of these areas: The status of research evidence Future directions of research Advances in measurement Key issues related to aging, physical activity, cognition, and putative mechanisms The potential of intervention programs that positively influence cognition Implications for public policy making for healthier older adults The book’s 11 chapters are organized into three areas. The first three chapters focus on cognitive mechanisms of the relationships between exercise and cognition. Chapters 4 and 5 explore potential neurobiological and physiological mechanisms that intervene between exercise and cognition. Chapters 6 through 11 provide advances in measurement designs and tools that could increase measurement sensitivity in research on exercise, fitness, and cognition. Active Living, Cognitive Functioning, and Aging will raise consciousness among researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and the public about the beneficial effects of an active lifestyle on the mind during the aging process. Each volume in the Aging, Exercise, and Cognition, series presents advanced research and key issues for understanding and researching the links between exercise, aging, and cognition. All three volumes are essential references for cognitive gerontologists, medical and health science researchers, exercise science researchers and professionals, and public health administrators interested in scientific evidence demonstrating the beneficial effects of regular physical activity on cognitive functioning and general health during aging.

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