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Communication systems for the mobile information society /

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  Communication Systems for the Mobile Information Society not only contains a technical description of the different wireless systems available today, but also explains the thoughts that are behind the different mechanisms and implementations; not only the ’how’ but also the ’why’ is in focus. Thus the advantages and also limitations of each technology become apparent.



  1.Provides readers with a solid introduction to major global wireless standards and compares the different wireless technologies and their applications

  2.Describes the different systems based on the standards, their practical implementation and the design assumptions that were made

  3.The performance and capacity of each system in practice is analyzed and explained, accompanied with practical tips on how to discover the functionality of different networks by the readers themselves

  4.Questions at the end of each chapter and answers on the accompanying website make this book ideal for self study or as course material

  5.Illustrated with many realistic examples of how mobile people can stay in touch with other people, the Internet and their corporate intranet

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