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Education policy : major themes in education /

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內容簡介top Education Policy 簡介 Educational research is inextricably interwoven with national and global debates about and around political and economic policy. Now, to help make sense of an enormousnd growingorpus of scholarship, and to enable users to discriminate the useful from the tendentious, superficial, and otiose, Routledge announces a new title in its Major Themes in Education series.Education Policy is a four-volume ini library?of the very best and most influential academic research concerned with the exploration, discussion, and analysis of educational policymaking, policy implementation, and policy impact. The editor of the collection has also assembled major works on theoretical debates, along with essential historical and comparative studies. Users of the collection will now be able easily and rapidly to locate key works that are otherwise often inaccessible or scattered throughout a variety of specialist journals and books.With a full index, together with a comprehensive introduction, newly written by the learned editor, which places the collected material in its historical and intellectual context,Education Policy is a crucial work of reference. It is destined to be valued by scholars, students, and researchers as a vital resource.

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