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Biodiversity in a changing climate : linking science and management in conservation /

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內容簡介top Biodiversity in a Changing Climate 簡介 A major consequence of climate change can be abrupt, dramatic changes in regional biodiversity. Even under the most optimistic scenarios for mitigating climate change, the fate of many wild species rests on the shoulders of those engaged in conservation planning, management, and policy. Thus, it critical that resource managers have access to the latest developments in climate change research in a way that useful to them, but is often challenging given the science-management divide.?br>Biodiversity in a Changing Climate addresses this chasm by establishing a framework to promote dialog among scientists, decision makers and managers who are grappling with the increasing threats to species and ecosystems in a rapidly changing climate. The book includes case studies and best practices used to address impacts related to climate change across a broad spectrum of species and habitatsfrom coastal krill and sea urchins to prairie grass and mountain bumblebees. While focused on California, the issues and strategies presented throughout the book will translate to regions across the West and farther, and is meant to be a framework for how scientists and managers in any region can bridge the communication divide in the interest of managing biodiversity in a rapidly changing world. Biodiversity and a Changing Climate will prove an indispensable guide to students, scientists, and professionals engaged in conservation and resource management.

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