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Teachers' unions and education reform in comparative contexts /

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內容簡介top Teachers?Unions and Education Reform in Comparative Contexts 簡介 Teachers?unions have long been controversial and divisive organizations, but criticism and distrust of them may be at an all-time high. This volume considers the prevailing assumption that unions successfully block change in education because they are primarily motivated to protect members?interests. It challenges the conceptualization of teacher union motivation and provides a more nuanced account of unions?interests, power and impact.Through a series of international cases from the United States, Finland and the Canton of Zich, this volume examines the hot-button issue of performance-related pay reform and compensation. It argues that a better understanding of the union-management relationship may be the key to securing more meaningful change and reform. It will be of use to scholars, policy-makers, union leaders, teachers and citizens who are interested in the possibilities for the union-management relationship, rather than the limitations.

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