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Digital movement : essays in motion technology and performance /

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內容簡介top Digital Movement 簡介 Digital Movement is about the evolving relationship between human movement and the technologically mediated process of motion study, particularly in terms of how, through digital media technology, human motion can be captured, rendered, animated, processed, analysed, computed, documented, archived, and through these and other iterations, it can ultimately be turned into an object of discourse and knowledge. Opening up relatively untheorized areas of study, the book argues that digital motion should refer not only to visual forms of capture (movement recomposed through still images), but also to high-level motion-sensor and depth-sensor based forms of capture, which constitute, as it were, a higher-dimensional language of motion analysis. The book then alludes to the ubiquitous technological sensation that is digital movement, as it proliferates through a plethora of sensing technologies. How can we construct meaningful interpretations of this tremendous volume of motion-data by using representative models that reveal the felt experience living deep within the data? How can we dig for movement meaning in the cultural and somatic landscape of technological design and use? This is an important study for all scholars and upper-level students of contemporary performance.

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