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  Helping students become successful designers andtroubleshooters of useful communications products, thiseasy-to-read, hands-on text covers devices, circuitsand systems analysis, and design concepts in a way thatkeeps students involved and active in the learningprocess. It includes familiar existing systems andintroduces a broad range of new communicationtechnologies in wireless, high definition TV with videocompression and a broad range of fiber-optic devices,system parameters and networking. Grounded in soundtheory and engineering principles, it usesalgebra-based mathematics through calculus, and alogical design-and-analysis approach, and now includesthe very latest information on optical, Bluetooth,”Wi-Fi” cellular and Internet devices, circuits, andsystems. 1. Radio Frequency Amplifiers. 2. Oscillators.3. Signal Spectra. 4. Elements of Noise. 5. Modulationand Amplitude-Modulated Systems. 6. TransmitterCircuits. 7. Receiver Circuits. 8. Sideband Systems. 9.Frequency and Phase Modulation. 10. Phase-Locked Loops.11. Pulse and Digital Modulation. 12. DigitalCommunication Concepts. 13. Data CommunicationTechniques. 14. Transmission Lines and Waveguides. 15.Antennas and Radiowave Propagation. 16. BasicTelevision. 17. Digital Radio and Space Communication.18. Fiber-Optic Communication. Appendix A: Introducingthe Impulse Function. Appendix B: Filter AttenuationCurves. Appendix C: Derivation of Frequency Responsefor PLLs. Appendix D: Communications Software. AppendixE: Abbreviations and Acronyms. Answers to SelectedProblems. Index.

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