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Claudio Bravo : paintings and drawings (1964/2004) /

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Claudio Bravo is one of the world's greatest hyperrealist painters, but such a label is too simple and insufficient for his dramatic, enigmatic work. He is known for his use of color, which seems to become more extravagant with the passage of time, and the increasingly mysterious arrangement of objects in his photo-perfect still lifes.Arranged in more or less chronological order, this newly updated volume traces Bravo's four decades of painting and drawing. The book also includes a catalogue raisonné, lists of exhibitions and collections, and bibliography, making it an invaluable resource for scholars as well as a highly readable profile of a remarkable man. "Bravo's paintings combine the precision of hyperrealism with the lush texture of a centuries-old classic, leaving one to ponder how, say, a rendering of a goat-each strand of hair taken into account-can mirror reality so acutely and, at the same time, transcend it." -New York Times Book Review

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