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Discrete-time signal processing /

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  For senior/graduate-level courses in Discrete-TimeSignal Processing. THE definitive, authoritative texton DSP — ideal for those with an introductory-levelknowledge of signals and systems. Written by prominent,DSP pioneers, it provides thorough treatment of thefundamental theorems and properties of discrete-timelinear systems, filtering, sampling, and discrete-timeFourier Analysis. By focusing on the general anduniversal concepts in discrete-time signal processing,it remains vital and relevant to the new challengesarising in the field — without limiting itself tospecific technologies with relatively short life spans.Table of Contents 1. Introduction. 2. Discrete-TimeSignals and Systems. 3. The z-Transform. 4. Sampling ofContinuous-Time Signals. 5. Transform Analysis ofLinear Time-Invariant Systems. 6. Structures forDiscrete-Time Systems. 7. Filter Design Techniques. 8.The Discrete Fourier Transform. 9. Computation of theDiscrete Fourier Transform. 10. Fourier Analysis ofSignals Using the Discrete Fourier Transform. 11.Discrete Hilbert Transforms. Appendix A: RandomSignals. Appendix B: Continuous-Time Filters.

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