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Have fun, get fit, and stay healthy withFantastic Water Workouts. With morethan 130 exercises that use the naturalresistance of water, you will improveyour body's composition and tone,strengthen muscles, increase aerobic andmuscular endurance, and improveflexibility, coordination, andagility-all with minimal stress on yourbody.In addition to creativeindividual exercises, Fantastic WaterWorkouts includes 14 step-by-stepprograms that can be tailored to yourpersonal needs, interests, and fitnessgoals.Whether you're seeking generalprograms for overall fitness,cross-training, and improved performanceor more specific routines for pregnancy,physical rehabilitation, cardiacrecovery, or plans for older adults,it's all here. You can even add varietyto your program by trying the tai chi,Pilates, yoga, kickboxing, country linedancing, street dancing, and noodleworkouts. Jump into Fantastic WaterWorkouts and discover the complete waterworkout guide.

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