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華語情境圖畫詞典 = Chinese picture dictionary : learn Chinese through realistic scenarios /

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如何在生活中逐步擴充華語詞彙?  如果你希望你的孩子、學生能夠輕鬆、自然而然學好華語,  快翻開這本生動活潑的圖畫詞典,在主題情境中快樂地學習華語字詞!  跟著主角家華一家人渡過春、夏、秋、冬四季,認識每一個情境主題。
  Do you want to increase your Chinese vocabulary?  Do you want to learn Chinese quickly, easily, and happily?  The most effective, engaging way to learn a language is through realistic scenarios.  In this book, you'll experience the four seasons of the year with Jiahua and his family!
  Features:  This picture dictionary depicts the life of the narrator Jiahua and his family year round. The 26 realistic and everyday scenarios show you the family engaged in different activities in the spring, summer, autumn, and winter. There are also nine independent units with salient topics introducing basic concepts to assist in the cognitive development of children.
  Each scenario/thematic unit comes with a fun picture and vocabulary in traditional and simplified characters with pinyin and Mandarin phonetic symbols as well as English explanations.
  MP3 and a pamphlet with enunciated example sentences are included to enhance listening and reading skills as you explore each scene, learn the vocabulary, and practice describing scenarios.
  The picture dictionary contains about 700 essential words selected from the vocabulary list provided by the SC-TOP (Steering Committee for the Test Of Proficiency–Huayu).
  This fun and engaging book is also ideal for children preparing to take the Children’s Chinese Competency Certification (CCCC).
  The Mandarin Training Center (MTC) at NTNU
  Founded in 1956, the Mandarin Training Center (MTC) at NTNU is the largest and oldest Chinese teaching institute in Taiwan. By 2012, it has an alumni body of over 51,000 people spread in over 120 countries.

編者的話 Editor’s Preface
春天 Spring家人 Family Members家 Home過新年 Celebrating the Chinese New Year晚餐 Dinner客廳 The Living Room院子 The Yard房間 The Bedroom浴室 The Bathroom書房 The Study
夏天 Summer城市 The City端午節 The Dragon Boat Festival上課 Going to Class超級市場 The Supermarket十字路口 The Intersection遊樂園 The Amusement Park海邊 The Seashore
秋天 Autumn中秋節 The Moon Festival餐廳 The Restaurant運動會 The Sports Meet鄉村旅行 Trip to the Countryside露營 Camping
冬天 Winter百貨公司 The Department Store結婚 Getting Married看醫生 Seeing a Doctor動物園 The Zoo聖誕節 Christmas
獨立單元 Miscellaneous身體 The Body數字 Numbers時間 Time方位、天氣 Positions and Weather顏色 Colors形狀 Shapes動作 Actions情緒 Emotions
索引 Index

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