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漢字365 : 每日一字 = A character a day : mastering basic vocabulary for everyday life /

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想要累積、擴充你的中文字庫? 每日一字,每天好好學一個漢字吧! 手持大小的隨身書,讓你輕鬆攜帶隨身閱讀。


  Having problems building up your vocabulary of Chinese characters ?

  You can do it by learning one character a day !

  This simple, illustrated book is designed to help you learn one Chinese character a day and provides information on character evolution and stroke order as well as explanations, related terms, and example sentences.

  By studying one character and a minimum of two related terms each day, you will learn some 1000 words in just one year !


  每日一字,一年輕鬆累積 365 個漢字,1000 多個詞彙。



  附贈 MP3 光碟,幫助學習每個漢字同時增進聽力。



  The book teaches one Chinese character and two to five terms each day for a total of some 1000 in a year.

  Characters are written in traditional, simplified, and handwritten script and come with illustrations, pinyin, Mandarin phonetic symbols, English explanations, related terms, and example sentences.

  The book's small size allows you to read it wherever you go.

  An MP3 disk is included to enhance listening skills as you study each character.

  An index based on the pinyin spelling of the characters makes it easier to look up characters in the book.


華語教材編輯委員會 Committee on Chinese Learning Materials


  The Committee on Chinese Materials is composed by a group of experienced and professional Chinese professors and teachers worldwide. The committee has been dedicated in Chinese learning and teaching as well as composing and editing useful and solid learning materials.

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