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The new public service : serving, not steering /

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The New Public Service: Serving, not Steering provides a framework for the many voices calling for the reaffirmation of democratic values, citizenship, and service in the public interest. It is organized around a set of seven core principles: (1) Serve citizens, not customers; (2) Seek the public interest; (3) Value citizenship and public service above entrepreneurship; (4) Think strategically, act democratically; (5) Recognize that accountability isn’t simple; (6) Serve, rather than steer; and (7) Value people, not just productivity. The New Public Service asks us to think carefully and critically about what public service is, why it is important, and what values ought to guide what we do and how we do it. It celebrates what is distinctive, important, and meaningful about public service and considers how we might better live up to those ideals and values. The Fourth Edition includes a new chapter which examines how the role and significance of these New Public Service values have expanded in practice and research over the past fifteen years. All students and serious practitioners in public administration and public policy should read this book. While the debate about governance will surely continue for many years, this compact, clearly written volume that both provides an important framework for a public service based on citizen discourse and the public interest and demonstrates how these values have been put into practice.

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