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Landscape tunings : an urban park at the Danube /

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轉寄 列印
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Landscape Tunings foregrounds design as mediator between the community and the riverbanks through its civic, ecologic and micro-climatic a ordances. e book unpacks the design process (bottom-up) and the design strategies (tactical) of the “Danube Park / Danube-Loop” project in Ingolstadt an der Donau.Flowing through 10 countries, the Danube is one of the most international rivers in the world. Regardless of its international scale, economic and ecologic relevance, the Danube acts as a civic anchor when permeating through urban fabrics. Initiated in 2013, the Danube Park / Danube-Loop project in Ingolstadt results from a three-year design study developed with the communities in the city aiming at increasing the civic potentials of the riverbanks. Rather than totalizing, the design results from speci c spatial tunings. ese interventions aim at intensifying the particularities of the river with its distinct environments, and at leveraging the potentials of the riverbanks as a “thick” space in the pressing commitments to ecological, economic and social wellbeing.

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