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Charlotte Huck's children's literature : a brief guide /

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  Now in its second edition, Charlotte Huck's Children's Literature: A Brief Guide provides essential information for designing pre-K-to-8 literature programs. Expertly designed in a vibrant, full-color format, this streamlined text has a strong emphasis on researching, evaluating, and implementing quality books in the classroom—the critical skills needed to search for and select literature. This resource gives readers the tools they need to evaluate books, create curriculum, and foster a lifelong love of reading for students.


  •Presents the Ten-Point Model for Teaching Controversial Issues: A unique framework for tackling controversial topics in and out of the classroom that provides a visual framework for working through various situations a teacher may face.
  •Evaluates children's literature through guidelines boxes that provide specific criteria and questions to consider when evaluating children's literature. Expanded forms are available on the text's Web site. These forms can be used as course activities or in practice when evaluating specific books.
  •Examples of multicultural literature and its applications in the classroom are provided throughout the entire text, ensuring that future teachers will have the skills to choose challenging and inspiring literature for all their students. Multicultural titles are called out by a margin icon as well as printed in blue in the children's literature lists at the end of each chapter.

Revision Changes

  •This second edition includes mention of hundreds of recently published children's books throughout the text and the updated Teaching Resources and Children's Literature lists. Illustrations from many of these new books are seen throughout the chapters.
  •The “Curriculum Connections” feature has been restructured, including a variety of curriculum standards and putting more emphasis on the common core standards. This feature reflects the move towards core standards in education and new format ties directly to various courses.
  •A new Chapter 10: Biography highlights this important genre, including critical discussions on selecting books on controversial figures, accuracy in content and illustrations, and how biographies of the past can relate to today's children.

Table of Contents
PART ONE: Learning About Books and Children
Chapter 1 Knowing Children's Literature
Chapter 2 Understanding Children's Responses to Literature

PART TWO: Exploring Genres in Children's Books
Chapter 3 Picturebooks
Chapter 4 Traditional Literature
Chapter 5 Modern Fantasy
Chapter 6 Poetry
Chapter 7 Contemporary Realistic Fiction
Chapter 8 Historical Fiction
Chapter 9 Nonfiction
Chapter 10 Biography

PART THREE: The Literature Program Across the Curriculum
Chapter 11 Planning the Literature Program
Appendix A Children's Book Awards
Appendix B Book Selection Aids
Author, Illustrator, Title Index
Subject Index

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