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Family demography in Asia : a comparative analysis of fertility preferences /

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The demographic future of Asia is a global issue. As the biggest driver of population growth, an understanding of patterns and trends in fertility throughout Asia is critical to understand our shared demographic future. This is the first book to comprehensively and systematically analyse fertility across the continent through the perspective of individuals themselves rather than as a consequence of top-down government policies. Special introductory chapters provide context to the key themes of ‘son preference’ and the relationship between fertility preferences and broader theories of fertility transition. Exploring fertility through the lens of preferences, international researchers and leading academics discuss themes relating to family size, contraception use, and the roles of indicators such as education and income, as well as sub-national variation. Covering the experiences of more than one-third of the global population over 22 territories, this book explores the heterogeneous experience of Asia, home to some of the highest and lowest fertility rates in the world. Understudied countries such as Brunei, Papua New Guinea and Timor-Leste have new and revealing fertility data examined. This is the go-to reference guide for scholars, students and policymakers who are concerned with Asia’s demographic future. Scholars of demography, reproductive health and family planning will find this a comprehensive insight into the future demography of Asia.

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