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Active ageing with music : supporting wellbeing in the third and fourth ages /

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Active Ageing with Music explores the powerful potential for active music-making to support wellbeing among older people. While major demographic transitions are currently underway, significant problems of social isolation, depression, and chronic disease among older people have been noted, requiring cost-effective and compassionate responses. This book demonstrates that engagement in active music-making offers just such a response.Supported by strong evidence, Active Ageing with Music balances research with practice, including:* Practical issues of accessibility and resources;* Potential barriers to participation – structural, intrapersonal, social – alongside case-studies of potential solutions;* Supporting principles and practices for facilitating groups of older people, especially musical groups.In parallel, this book uses the participants’ own stories to underpin the argument that musical development is possible across a lifetime, and that older people can and do progress as musicians.The book will be of interest to all academics and practitioners interested in music psychology, the impact of music on wellbeing, and leading musical activities with older people, as well as occupational therapists and community musicians. Most importantly, Active Ageing with Music will be of interest to people who want to preserve and sustain their cognitive, social, and emotional wellbeing throughout the latter stages of their lives.

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