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Designed for master’s level study, Public Health Communication: Critical Tools and Strategies for Advancing Public Health will prepare new graduates for any entry level position in public health policy/advocacy, health communication, health promotion, social marketing, or community health education. Filled with practical examples, the book is also a valuable resource for those preparing for the CPH or CHES exams.Students will learn core concepts for planning a communication framework as well key strategies for educating the public about health issues including understanding and reporting science, communicating for policy and advocacy, and health literacy and numeracy. The book thoroughly explores classic theories of persuasion in communication such as Extended Parallel Process Model, Inoculation, Sensation Value, and Cognitive Value. The most current forms of digital/multimedia/interactive channels of communication are examined. The last section of the book looks at some special contexts in health communication, such as patient-provider communication as well as risk/emergency communication.

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