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Health policy analysis : an interdisciplinary approach /

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Drawing from the perspectives of a variety of disciplines, this innovative text is unlike any others of its kind. Health Policy Analysis: An Interdisciplinary Approach, Third Edition analyzes current U.S. health policy and proposes various alternatives for developing future health policy without pushing a single solution set—rather, it considers the viewpoints of economics, political science, management, communications, technology, and public health.Organized into three sections, this unique text first explores the current and historical issues with the U.S. healthcare system and considers the alternatives for future policy that have strong support. It then reviews the political processes that influence planning in various healthcare settings; presents the accepted methods of economic and financial analysis; and addresses the ethical and other value considerations that must enter into the health policy process. Finally, it takes a look at the roles, skills, and leadership that health professionals can bring to the policy making process in their local and national communities.The Third Edition offers:• Coverage of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act to date and the impacts of the 2016 elections are woven throughout chapters 1 through 6.• Greater emphasis on what the Institute of Medicine now calls the learning health system and the greater focus on cost and outcomes, now that the uninsured crisis has been somewhat improved. • New and updated case studies

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