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Scienceworks from the Ontario Science Centre : 65experiments that introduce the fun and wonder odscience

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Did you know you could take a piece of paper, get a pair of scissors, and cut a hole in it big enough for you to step through? That it’s possible to see sound and to hear through your teeth? To make it rain in your living room or find out how fast the earth is spinning? These are just a few of the 65 projects in this engaging book created by the prestigious Ontario Science Centre that will enable children to experience and enjoy science—as they’re learning about it.Many of these easy-to-perform experiments are presented as puzzles or tricks, each representing one of the fundamental principles of science. Others present complex phenomena on a small, observable scale. For example, kids will discover why icebergs float and where the wind gets its strength. They’ll construct a camera, support a stack of books on mere eggshells, and life a floating ice cube out of a glass of water by using just one end of a piece of string. And there’s much more.Each project is explained in clear step-by-step instructions and humorous drawings, and it ends with a word on the scientific forces at work. And most important, none of the experiments requires sophisticated equipment—only some curiosity and a few everyday household items. Parents will find these activities as amusing and intriguing as their kids—as they find out together how science works.

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