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  每篇都以Before the Text 開始,簡單介紹此篇的大綱,並且包括主要角色介紹、作者簡介。Word Bank中列出此篇的重要單字,不僅對閱讀文本有幫助,也能在生活中應用;Study Question則提出本篇的重點問題,讓讀者延伸討論內容,發展自己的想法。藉由這些元素,教師也能引導學生進入神話與聖經文學有趣且迷人的世界,領會閱讀古典文學的樂趣與喜悅。
  .包含作者簡介,Before the Text,Main Characters,Text,Word Bank及Study Questions。Word Bank列出此篇章中的重要單字,Study Questions則針對此篇章提出問題,讓讀者易於了解並延伸討論。
嚴愛群 Ai Chun Yen
斯定國 Ding Kuo Sze
Dr. Sanford Freedman
  哈佛大學英美文學博士,曾於台灣大學外文系擔任客座教授。目前任教於Bates College英文系。
Lynn Sauve

Letter to Teachers iLetter to Students iv
Part I Classical Mythology
Introduction to Classical Mythology   
Stories of Origins1. Origin of Heaven, Earth and Sky    2. Origin of Stars, Animals and Men   3. Origin of the Titans and the 12 Great Olympians
Geographical Stories1. Jove and Io: The Transformation of Io into a Heifer 2. Jove and Europa: Europa’s Rape 3. Daedalus and Icarus
Religious Cults and Honors1. Pygmalion and Galatea 2. Perseus and Medusa 3. Hercules’ Great Labors
Love Stories of Gods and Goddesses1. Apollo and Daphne 2. Echo and Narcissus 3. The Rape of Proserpine 4. Cupid and Psyche 5. Venus and Adonis 6. Pyramus and Thisbe 7. Theseus and the Minotaur 8. Orpheus and Eurydice
The Trojan War─the Iliad1. The Judgment of Paris 2. The Elopement of Paris and Helen 3. The Wrath of Achilles 4. Hector Makes His Move 5. Achilles Thinks Again 6. The New Achilles
Ulysses’ Journey Home─the Odyssey1. Book I: The Council of the Gods 2. Book IV: Telemachus at the House of Menelaus 3. Book VI: The Meeting Between Ulysses and Nausicaa 4. Book VIII: The Phaeacian Games and Banquet in Honour ofUlysses 5. Book IX: The Voyages of Ulysses─Cicons, Lotus Eaters, andthe Cyclops 6. Book X: Aeolus, Laestrygonian, Circe 7. Book XI: Ulysses in the House of Hades 8. Book XII: The Sirens, Scylla and Charybdis, The Cattle of theSun 9. Book XIII: Ulysses is Taken Back to Ithaca 10. Book XV: Telemachus Returns 11. Book XXII: The Killing of the Suitors 12. Book XXIV: The Suitors in Hades, Ulysses Makes Peace withIthaca
Greek Tragedies1. Agamemnon 2. Oedipus the King 3. Medea
Part II The Bible and Its Influence
Introduction to the Bible
In the Very Beginning1. The Creation [Genesis 1-2] 2. The Fall of Man [Genesis 3] 3. The First Murder [Genesis 4] 4. Noah and the Flood [Genesis 6-9] 5. The Origin of Languages [Genesis 11]
Israels’ Journey Home to the Promised Land1. Father and Son: Abraham and Isaac [Genesis 22] 2. The Twin Brothers: Jacob and Esau [Genesis 25, 27] 3. Joseph: The First Two Dreams [Genesis 37] 4. Joseph: The Interpretation of Dreams [Genesis 39-40] 5. Joseph: The Pharoah’s Dreams [Genesis 41] 6. Joseph and His Brothers [Genesis 42-46] 7. Moses and the Law [Exodus 19-20]
A Philosophical Debate1. A God-fearing Man [Job 1-2] 2. The First Debate [Job 3-11] 3. The Lord’s Answer [Job 38-42]
The Book of Psalms1. How Excellent is Thy Name [Psalm 8] 2. The Glory of God [Psalm 19] 3. The Lord is My Shepherd [Psalm 23] 4. In Your Presence is Fullness of Joy [Psalm 16]
The Divine Romance1. Draw Me, We Will Run After Thee [Song of Songs 1] 2. Rise Up , My Love, My Fair One [Song of Songs 2] 3. Behold, Thou Art Fair, My Love [Song of Songs 3-4] 4. Thou Art Beautiful, O My Love [Song of Songs 5-6] 5. I Am My Beloved’s [Song of Songs 7] 6. Set Me a Seal upon Thine Heart [Song of Songs 8]
The Tragic and Suffering Servant1. Vanity of Vanities [Ecclesiastes 1-2] 2. The Wisdom of Solomon [Ecclesiastes 9,11,12] 3. The Good News, Glad Tidings of Peace and Salvation[Isaiah 52] 4. Jesus as the Suffering Servant [Isaiah 53]
The Life of Jesus1. Birth and Childhood [Luke 2] 2. Sermon on the Mount [Matthew 5-7] 3. Parables [Luke 15] 4. Why Jesus Taught in Parables [Matthew 13] 5. Betrayal [Matthew 26] 6. Trial and Crucifixion [Matthew 27] 7. Resurrection and Ascension [Mark 16]

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