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Layout is the arrangement of the elements of design in relation to the space that it occupies according to an overall design scheme. It could also be called the management of form and space. The objective of layout is to present the visual and textural elements that are to be communicated in a manner that enables the reader to receive it with the minimum of effort. With good layout, a reader can be navigated through quite complex information in both print and electronic media. The second title in the Basics Design series Layout addresses the practical and aesthetic considerations of the job in hand such as where and how the content will be viewed, regardless of whether the final format is a magazine, website, television graphic or bottle of bubble bath. How the content will be used is also discussed. The use of a grid, for example, allows quick and accurate placement of items and ensures a consistent visual identity from page to page, or item to item across a range of products. This book will prove indispensable for anyone wanting to acquire a thorough knowledge of the building blocks of creative design.

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