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The economic gang : one man's battle with Japan, Inc /

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If you thought Enron was bad, you haven't read anything yet! What began as a simple business investment became an international scandal when the combined forces of the Ministry of Finance, Stock Exchange, securities companies, bureaucrats, and judicial system (Japan, Inc.) attacked an investor. Accused of "greenmail" and much worse, T.H. Wang fought back against the injustices of the Japanese system. This unprecedented assault on an ordinary investor led to a two-decades long struggle against the injustices of Japan's financial system. Presented in narrative form, "The Economic Gang" exposes the dirty secrets that the Japanese don't want you to know about the inner, hidden workings of Japan's financial market; its corporate structure, political and legal systems, and its unfair business practices. After more than a decade of stagnation, Moody's has downgraded Japan's credit rating three times in the last year putting Japan on the same footing as Latvia, Cyprus, and Botswana. Japan currently holds billions of dollars of American investments and U.S. federal loans. The collapse of Enron caused devastation in U.S. retirement plans. Enron was but a single company; Japan, however, is the world's second-largest economy. Imagine the devastation if Japan was to collapse. * A firsthand view of how Japan, Inc., uses its unparalleled power to rob its own people and the investment world * Find out how Japanese corporations hide losses, support politicians with insider trading, and much, much more * How the true wrongdoers go unpunished while those beneath them take the blame * What every American should know about Japan's system and what no one else is telling you * Find out why former Secretary of State James Baker, Senators Christopher Bond and Tom Daschle, Dr. Li Ka-Shing, Dr. Lee Shau Kee, Dr. Cheng Yu-tung, Dr. Robin Y.H. Chan, and other influential people in government and financial circles fully support Mr. Wang's reform efforts

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