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Walking is a lifetime fitness activity that's easy to incorporate into classes, but many teachers dread the moans and groans of students who find walking boring. Walking Games and Activities can change those negative reactions! Students of every age respond with enthusiasm to games such as Coyotes and Roadrunners, Beat That Lap, and the many other fun and challenging activities this book presents. Walking Games and Activities is the first book to combine the concepts of fitness and walking as a vehicle for games. It's a one-stop shop for teachers and activity leaders who want to teach walking in a fun way but aren't sure how to begin. This book provides 40 practical, easy-to-teach walking games and activities, including • learning activities that reinforce basic health, nutrition, and safety concepts; • games that combine fitness and problem solving; • games that emphasize cooperation; and • highly aerobic games. The book reduces teacher preparation time by providing detailed instructions, teaching tips, pre-planned units, sample walking units, mini-lectures on topics such as walking form and nutrition, and tips for inclusion. For each activity the book presents everything teachers need to implement a successful game: • Objectives • Safety tips • Suggested grade levels • Facility requirements • Equipment needs • Instructions for organizing the students • Mini-lecture(s) that complement the game or activity • A step-by-step description of the playing area, rules and regulations, and scoring procedures • A worksheet with exercises for students to complete during or after the activity • Teaching tips and variations The wide variety of games provides many ways to get students excited about walking. A game/activity finder at the front of the book makes it easy for teachers to find the right game for every situation. The games contain variations that teachers can use to fit different age categories; and the walking unit suggestions include guidelines for elementary, middle, high school, and college students. Novice and experienced teachers at every level can use the fresh approach in Walking Games and Activities to keep students motivated by using walking to promote cooperation, friendly competition, fitness, and fun.

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