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A companion to Ricoeur's fallible man /

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Fallible Man is the second book in Paul Ricoeur's early trilogy on the will and the most accessible of his early writings. While the descriptive approach of Freedom and Nature set aside all normative questions, Fallible Man removes those brackets to examine the bad will, asking what makes evil a possibility. Combining rigor and originality, Ricoeur locates the possibility of evil in a self that is fundamentally in conflict with itself. Edited by Scott Davidson, A Companion to Ricoeur's Fallible Man clarifies and contextualizes the central arguments developed in Ricoeur's philosophy of the will, providing insight into his formative influences and themes. The collection gathers an international group of scholars who specialize in Ricoeur's thought to shed light on an impressive range of themes from Fallible Man that resonate with contemporary debates in philosophy and religion.

Scott Davidson is professor of philosophy at West Virginia University.

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