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Increments of neighborhood : a compendium of built types for walkable and vibrant communities /

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Intended as a comprehensive resource, Increments of Neighborhood is a compendium of recent built work for urban neighborhoods, encompassing the spectrum of building types financed/built by today's American real estate industry - from single family and townhouses, through "missing middle" stacked housing, stick-built housing, large multi-family, and high-rise buildings. This publication is the only resource in the marketplace that tabulates market-rate products that fill America's cities, as well as being a comparative resource that shows how these types can be deployed in a way befitting smart-growth using sustainable principles. The only resource of its type, Increments of Neighborhood will demystify the understanding of costs and type, contribute to the public realm for the non-architectural professional, and provide a breadth and range of significant new information for experienced architects who typically specialize in a particular segment of building products such as hospitals or single-family houses, information with which they are frequently unacquainted.

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