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Redefining more able education : key issues for schools /

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Redefining More Able Education is an essential, up to date and challenging introduction to the many factors involved in teaching more able students. Written by Ian Warwick, founder of London Gifted and Talented, and Ray Speakman, this book challenges our understanding of provision for the more able and explores ways in which we can ensure that students reach their full potential. Providing a thorough overview of topical research, the book offers a range of practical solutions for engaging students and encouraging them to become more independent in their learning. Warwick and Speakman explore key ideas including differentiation, resilience and motivation, and unpick issues including the history of more able education, the relationship between intelligence and achievement, working with marginalised groups and how students can overcome barriers when applying to top universities. A dedicated chapter summarises 21 easy-to-implement strategies that can make a real difference to teaching practice. This definitive guide to more able education will be essential reading for teachers, school leaders and any education professionals reflecting on different approaches to motivating and teaching the more able in order to better provide for all their students.

Ian Warwick is the founder and Senior Director of London Gifted and Talented (www.londongt.org) which has worked with more than 3500 schools internationally. An inner-city teacher for 20 years, he has published extensively in the field of education and has written award-winning, high-challenge e-learning materials and several film screenplays.Ray Speakman founded the Birmingham Youth Theatre, has edited and written plays for schools, professional theatre and television, and was a teacher of English and a deputy headteacher in a large Warwickshire comprehensive.

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