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Integral sustainable design : transformative perspective /

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This book offers practical and theoretical tools for more effective sustainable design solutions and for communicating sustainable design ideas to today's diverse stakeholders.It uses integral theory to make sense of the many competing ideas in this area and offers a powerful conceptual framework for sustainable designers through the four main perspectives of: behaviours; systems; experiences; cultures. It also uses human developmental theory to reframe sustainable design across four levels of complexity present in society: the Traditional, Modern, Postmodern, and Integral waves. Profuse with illustrations and examples, the book offers many conceptual tools including: twelve principles of integral sustainable designsixteen prospects of sustainable designsix perceptual shifts for ecological design thinkingfive levels of sustainable design aestheticsten injunctions for designing connections to nature.

Mark DeKay is Professor of Architecture at The University of Tennessee. He is a registered architect and a nationally-awarded educator. He co-edits a successful online professional continuing education program in green design and is co-author of Sun, Wind & Light: architectural design strategies. He and his wife and editor, Susanne, create in Knoxville.

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