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The school handbook for dual and multiple exceptionality : high learning potential with special educational needs or disabilities /

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The School Handbook for Dual and Multiple Exceptionality (DME) offers a range of practical strategies to support SENCOs, GATCOs, school leaders and governors in developing effective provision for children that have both High Learning Potential and Special Educational Needs or Disabilities. Building on the principles of child-centred provision and coproduction, it provides useful tips on developing the school workforce to better identify and meet the needs of learners with DME. Relevant for learners in primary, secondary or specialist settings, the book focuses on ways of meeting individual needs and maximising personal and academic outcomes. It includes:An explanation of what DME is and why we should care about itPractical advice and guidance for SENCOs, GATCOs and school leaders on developing the school workforceA discussion of the strategic role of governors and trustees in the context of DMESuggested approaches to ensure effective coproduction between families and professionalsCase studies exploring the experiences of learners with DMESources of ongoing support and resources from professional organisations and key influencers. This book will be beneficial to all those teachers, school leaders, SENCOs, GATCOs, governors and trustees looking to support learners by identifying and understanding DME. It recognises the central role that leaders and governors play in setting the inclusive ethos of a school and suggests ways for schools to ensure that all learners have the opportunity to meet their full potential.

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