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Healthy classroom management : motivation, communication, and discipline /

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This text offers students–pre-service teachers–strategies and skills for classroom management that will empower both the children they will teach and themselves. Nakamura offers a practical, yet novel approach to classroom management with an emphasis on diversity. A healthy classroom can be attained if the pre-service teacher ascribes to Nakamura's technique: healthy motivation, healthy communication, and healthy discipline coupled with honesty, dignity, and respect. This text provides the student/future teacher with skills to build each child's strength and ability to succeed in the classroom, as well as tools to foster understanding and support of the emotional and social needs of the child. In addition, it instructs the student on how to instill responsibility, self-discipline, social interaction, and self-reliance into the typical, K-12 classroom/child. Activities are a strong asset to the text: the countless self-assessments, vignettes, chapter summaries, and quizzes add to the book's value and usefulness as a career reference.

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