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Complete physical education plans for grades 7-12 /

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This comprehensive collection of teacher-tested unit plans, lesson plans, and teaching and assessment tools will save any secondary school physical education teacher invaluable planning and preparation time. Each lesson plan moves toward written goals from the moment students walk onto the floor until the moment they leave. The lessons integrate physical, cognitive, and social skills in a natural sequence, allowing plenty of opportunity for repetition to help students ingest the material, develop competency, and be rewarded with a sense of control. The CD-ROM that accompanies the text allows you to pull up lessons on the screen, modify them, and print them for your classes. You can then save them for later use. You can also adjust lessons to reflect your own style, pace lessons to meet your classes’ needs, and select drills that work best for your students. The result: quality lesson plans that meet the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) standards. Both the book and the CD-ROM contain • student homework, • handouts for many of the sports, • more than 25 performance assessment rubrics, • quizzes, • student portfolio checklists, and • tournament charts. The performance assessment rubrics provide a way for students, classmates, and teachers to evaluate students’ progress based on degrees of accomplishment and experience level. In fact, Complete Physical Education Plans for Grades 7–12 is the only book that contains performance assessment rubrics for secondary students in physical education—and the rubrics are so clear that students can use them to rate each other. With Complete Physical Education Plans for Grades 7–12, you have everything you need to develop, plan, and assess a program. It allows you to spend less time in your office and more time in the gym and on the field doing what you love to do best.

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