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Psychotherapy process research : paradigmatic and narrative approaches /

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If you're looking for practical ways to do therapy research, then Psychotherapy Process Research is the book for you. It offers the latest developments in psychotherapy process research and the implications for clinical practice. It is unique in that equal weight is given to the paradigmatic and the narrative approaches to explanation. The contributions exemplify both relatively "pure" uses of either approach and the joint application of each in the same research endeavor. Each mode is seen to be especially suited to explaining a particular aspect of the overall therapeutic process, and so the question arises as to whether or not the two approaches can be integrated. At various points throughout the volume, and particularly in the concluding chapter, this question is addressed in terms of the implicit assumption supporting each approach. Psychotherapy Process Research is an essential research tool for researchers, professionals, and graduate students in clinical psychology, qualitative methods, psychology, social work, and methodology/research. "This volume is an excellent addition to what appears to be a rebirth of research into the process of psychotherapy. What is particularly intriguing about this contribution is its methodological pluralism, containing both positivistic approaches and more subjective, narrative methods. Taken together, both are used in a complementary fashion to shed light on the central question in process research, namely how psychotherapy brings about change." --Marvin Goldfried, Department of Psychology, SUNY at Stony Brook

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