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The Administration Guide for the linked TPBA system guides professionals in how to effectively conduct assessments using the TPBA and subsequently create effective intervention plans using the TPBI. The completely revised second edition of this highly acclaimed linked assessment and curriculum system (first pubished in 1993) continues to give professionlas effective, naturalistic methods for working with young children from birth to age six (72 months). During play sessions, professionals use TPBS2's practical guidelines to assess a child's development. then, they use all of the information they learned about the child during the play sessions to set targets for the skills the child should be developing next. (For children in early interveniton and early childhood special education programs, these targets take the form of IFSP and IEP goals and objectives.) Then, professionals can develop individual, play-based intervention activities with TPBI2 that work on the precise skills that have been targeted for development.

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