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Researchers in the physical activity field must have a firm understanding of the research process in order to evaluate data and reach valid conclusions. Research Methods in Physical Activity, fourth edition, facilitates this understanding in a format that is both instructional and entertaining to read. Designed for the graduate-level student enrolled in a research methods course, the text also is an excellent reference for experienced researchers wishing to hone their analytical skills as well as learn new research methods and techniques. The concepts apply to every aspect of the study of physical activity, including exercise science, kinesiology, movement studies, physical education, sport science, and sport studies. Research Methods in Physical Activity, fourth edition, is completely revised and updated. Features of this new edition include · expanded information on evaluating data and statistical power, · a simplified explanation of multivariate procedures, · a new approach to nonparametrics parallel with parametric procedures, and · a new chapter on exercise epidemiological research. Research Methods in Physical Activity, fourth edition, covers all aspects of the research process, from developing and defining a research problem to writing a research report. Readers will enjoy the humorous anecdotes and sketches, a reflection of the authors' belief that research reporting need not be dry and pompous; it can be entertaining.

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