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Tracing mobilities : towards a cosmopolitan perspective /

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Mobility is a basic principle of modernity besides others like individuality, rationality, equality, and globality. Taking its cue from this concept, the book presents a movement that begins with the macrosocial transformations linked to mobility and ends with empirical discussions on the new forms of mobility and their implications for everyday life.The book opens with a study of the social changes unique to the second age of modernity, with contributions from Ulrich Beck, John Urry, Wolfgang Bonss, and Sven Kesselring. It continues with a discussion of the implications of these changes for sociology research. Authors such as Vincent Kaufmann, Weert Canzler, Norbert Schneider, Beate Collet, Ruth Limmer and Gerlinde Vogl focus on a series of field examinations, both qualitative and quantitative, of emerging mobilities.The book is a foray into the exciting new field of interdisciplinary mobility research informed by theoretical reflection and empirical investigation.

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