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Museums and galleries in the 1990s face unprecedented changes and challenges. Cuts in public funding have pushed museums into the marketplace where they must compete for visitors, market their ``product,'' and generate their own income and sponsorship. Museums are criticized as being dull and boring compared to new heritage and leisure attractions, yet must also find ever-increasing resources to care for their collections. For all these reasons museums must develop more effective management and marketing if they are to survive and propser into the next millennium. Museum Management brings together a selection of essential writings on the subject by some of the leading authorities in the field. The book outlines the development of museums management to date, the challenges museums currently face, and the key areas of future development in management and marketing practice. The contributors address strategic management issues, such as policy formulation, corporate planning and performance measurement, human resource management, financial management and the importance of marketing. This volume is an invaluable introduction to the key issues, controversies and debates in the subject. It will be essential reading to all museum managers and workers who need to keep up to date with the latest developments in this field.

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