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Intervention strategies for infants and toddlers with special needs : a team approach /

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This book features contributions from leading professionals who have extensive experience with children who have special needs -- birth to three years of age. Extremely practical in approach, it contains "recommended practices" in early intervention that are easy to implement for serving young children and their families. Presents foundations for infant and toddler intervention and explores the importance of teamwork in early intervention. Surveys intervention strategies for developmental domains -- neuromotor development, cognitive development, and social and communication development. Considers intervention strategies for medical contexts -- for the neonatal period and for medically fragile/complex infants and toddlers. Discusses intervention with infants and toddlers who are at-risk, have multiple or severe disabilities, hearing impairment, or visual impairment. Explains how to collaborate with families and how to develop an Individualized Family Service Plan. For interventionists, educators, and families who are dealing with young children with special needs.

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