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The most up-to-date account of social psychology available, this text introduces key concepts through balanced coverage of classic studies, contemporary research, and current social issues. The authors use vivid examples, such as the election crisis, the Egyptian Air disaster, and the shooting of African immigrant Amadou Diallo, to reflect social psychology concepts in real life. The use of current events, social issues, and evocative photographs makes the text more compelling to students and brings real events closer to their lives.The comprehensive, current scholarship offers a broad and balanced look at social psychology and includes detailed descriptions of classic studies as well as the latest research findings.Extensive coverage of cross-cultural research and sociocultural perspectives includes studies of race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation. These viewpoints are examined through topics such as the social self, personal and group perception of attitudes, conformity and obedience, interpersonal behavior, and group influences.Putting Common Sense to the Test features at the opening of most chapters reinforce the link between common sense and social psychology, and ask students to compare their innate beliefs to chapter concepts. Throughout the chapter students can examine those beliefs through research findings on various topics and review them at the end of the lesson.

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