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Recipient of the 1992 Distinguished Publication Award of the Association for Women in Psychology What are the best techniques to use when counseling women? How does group counseling differ from other types of counseling? Introducing a new perspective for counseling women, Feminist Groupwork illustrates how women, brought together in groups, can offer each other support, validation, strength, and a growing sense of personal awareness. Drawing on their experiences in establishing and running women's groups in rural and inner-city settings, the authors cover many essential elements of groupwork including the philosophy and principles of feminism, structural group relationships, the role of group activities, group identity development, and group dynamics. Feminist Groupwork provides a convincing rationale for adopting a feminist approach to counseling, and will be of particular value for students and academics in women's studies, social psychology, and social work. "Today, most of us believe ourselves to be marvelous communicators; we aren't! The final chapter, 'Making Connections,' tackles this problem head-on and by itself makes reading this book more than worthwhile." --Nursing Standard "Definitely a fresh contribution to readers interested in women's studies, group dynamics, group "therapy," the politics of knowledge, and social change." --Choice "Describes the authors' experience of working with three women's groups. The description of the work is very clear and at each stage the philosophy and its application to the work is beautifully described. . . . Therapists working with women, particularly those who are isolated in their own community or bearing the brunt of socio-political disadvantage, will find the ideas in this book stimulating and challenging." --Journal of the British Association for Counselling "This book underscores the need for mental health professionals to broaden their views so as to recognize and incorporate in their work the impact of economic and social deprivation on women. The book should be read by anyone involved in group work with women." --Readings: A Journal of Reviews and Commentary in Mental Health "The style of the book is reflective, is feminist and tells you why, and is honest and direct. It is informative and gently and simply written--no need for a dictionary at the ready--but you will need to reflect on a value position which accepts the 'stark reality of repression experienced by all women.'" --Counselling Psychology Review "This book is essential reading for all those planning to run an all-female group--and for anyone planning to work with women in any capacity. Its relevance is wider than direct practice. . . . This book is not a quickly read, how to do it, book. It is more of a book to immerse oneself in, looking out along the way for the pointers and tips gleaned from actual group sessions with actual women. Oh, and men should read it too!" --Social Work Today "The book is well organized and includes a thorough grounding in feminist theory and sufficient background in group work. An especially thorough coverage of individual identity within the group is followed by a useful discussion of the integration of the individual into the group community. . . . I was impressed with the clear picture the authors draw of the process of feminist group work. Many of the ideas, values, and concepts presented in the book apply to all clients and can be used to enhance social work services in all settings." --Affilia "The workers by their own account are both 'of' the groups as well as researchers writing 'about' the groups. . . . Because they are willing to walk such a tightrope, the reader gains the advantage of seeing the dynamic richness of the groups and the individual women who compose them, while at the same time learning what it takes to do these groups--how to combine group exercises and field trips with the reflection that leads to insight and action." --Contemporary Psychology "This is a very important and profound book, not only for feminists or groupworkers, but for a much wide readership both within and beyond the boundaries of social work....There are other important publications on feminist groupwork practice, but none I know of which combine in such depth exploration of the lives and social conditions of women 'clients' of social service departments, theoretical concepts, and practical illustration of the ways in which collective women-centered groupwork can empower....Many poignant examples are given..." --British Journal of Social Work "As a participant in different kinds of women's groups both in and out of work, I was particularly drawn to this book." --Clinical Psychology Forum "The authors provide clear and detailed descriptions of the preparation, structure, and content of group sessions, as well as insight into group dynamics and processes. . . . chapters are written both clearly and powerfully. They are inspirational, providing a framework for harnessing the injustices of the past and present oppression to make women stronger so they may look to a brighter and more hopeful future. Feminist Groupwork is an excellent resource for any professional initiating a group for women or for any woman who may wish to participate in a group encounter with a feminist perspective." --Association for Women in Psychology Newsletter "Ideology is tempered with pragmatism, as [the authors] take on difficult issues such as the strain between professional and feminist values. Seasoned workers struggling with these dilemmas will find validation in this book, while those beginning to work with women's groups will find much practical help with tasks such as group preparation and program planning. Readers will find that the chapter introduction and summaries make this book quite straightforward." --Social Work with Groups

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