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Behavior disorders of childhood /

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This comprehensive, research-based introduction to childhood behavior disorders presents a sensitive and thorough examination of the field—covering its central issues, theoretical and methodological underpinnings, descriptions and discussions of numerous disorders, clinical and research information, and treatment approaches. Covers all major childhood behaviors and special disorders—their definition, description, prevalence, etiology, assessment, treatment, and special issues. Focuses on empirical findings and theoretical views, and introduces developmental psychopathology early on, using it as a broad framework to highlight issues of origins, transformations, and stability of behavior problems. Reflects the latest systems of classification (i.e., DSM-IV, American Association of Mental Retardation Criteria), and offers enlightening discussions on the cultural relativity of defining behavior disorders; the impact of PL-94-142 on education and institutionalization; gender issues, and more. Presents current scholarly literature, an extensive study on the developmental pathways across the different areas of growth, and a broad analysis on the continuities and discontinuities of behavioral problems. Features an attractive two-color design and numerous case studies and examples. For child psychologists, and specialists in behavior and emotional disorder or child and adolescent counseling.

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