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Presenting pedagogical materials useful in the design and delivery of the most frequently taught communications courses, Lederman writes in a clear lucid fashion that assumes no previous knowledge of communication teaching. The structure of this text will be of value to the first-time instructor who is unfamiliar with designing course outlines. While the focus is on the new teacher, all those intrigued by genuine teaching of communications will value this text. Part One investigates the undergraduate communications classroom including the basic elements of the learning process, generic teaching strategies, and challenges facing instructors in the next century. Part Two provides an expanded course analysis of 13 frequently found courses in undergraduate communications curricula. Each chapter is an instructor's answer to a fundamental question- "How Do I Teach Communications?" This collection of answers will inform first-time instructors' own teaching models. Of particular value will be the course descriptions, including goals, central concepts, student profiles, assignments, suggested readings, and methods of evaluation.

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