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Therapy as social construction /

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This volume explores the exciting possibilities for the therapeutic process of adopting a social constructionist perspective.A key concern of all the authors is with socially constructed lives. On the one hand, our senses of self, identity and life purpose are socially and culturally embedded. On the other hand, no single cultural `script' proves all-powerful. In social constructionist therapy, client and therapist work to co-create new, more satisfactory `stories' in ways which recognise their social, relational character.The book firstly examines the theoretical basis for this process. It looks too at the implications for client-therapist relationships. Authors then go on to discuss various approaches in practice, including `irreverent therapy', the `not-knowing therapist', the creative significance of difference and the role of reflexivity. They present a number of case studies, several involving work with families. The final section offers an exhilarating mix of overview, self-critique and agenda for the future. Therapy as Social Construction will be essential reading for therapists, counsellors, clinical psychologists and all those in the helping professions providing therapeutic services to their clients.

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